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Enjoy a Beautiful Smile With Superior Cosmetic Dentistry in Branford CT

An engaging smile can be a wonderful asset, but many people don’t have that option unless they invest a little time and money on Cosmetic Dentistry in Branford CT. This field of dentistry is mainly focused on the way the teeth look. For example, a damaged or chipped tooth can be mended by applying a tooth-colored putty that can then be shaped to match the existing teeth. This is a great way to fix minor issues since the treatment is very quick and usually much more budget friendly than the alternatives.

Perhaps the most common reason to seek out Cosmetic Dentistry in Branford CT is teeth whitening. This procedure is designed to remove ugly stains from beneath the enamel. The process is so effective that beautiful, white teeth can be realized in about half an hour. Things begin with a thin layer of peroxide and a bit of water. The water forces the peroxide into the enamel so it can lift the stains out. Most people prefer this method of whitening to over the counter options because it is so quick and effective. Unfortunately, whitening may not work for every person and may force the dentist to choose another procedure.

If whitening fails or the patient has other concerns, then the dentist may suggest the use of veneers. The dental veneer is a thin porcelain shell used to cover the visible portion of the teeth. This implies that the veneer will only be placed on the front of the teeth. Thankfully, this procedure has evolved quite significantly. Older veneers required the removal of large portions of the teeth so the device would fit in place. Today, the veneer is made from very thin shells, so this is no longer required.

Veneers may be the perfect solution, but it has a problem if teeth are missing. This is because the veneer requires a steady support to adhere to. One solution for missing teeth is the dental implant. This process uses an inert material such as titanium as a fake root. Once the stud is healed, a permanent, porcelain crown will be mounted in place. Discover more information at

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