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Dental Implants in the Hill District

If you are missing teeth, you have several options to fix it including bridges or dentures, but that’s not the only option. The best method could be dental implants in the Hill District. An implant is a metal screw, usually titanium, that is surgically placed into the jaw. Once the screw is implanted into the jaw bone, and some time passes to allow it to heal, a replacement tooth is attached. This tooth looks exactly like a natural tooth, and it acts like one, too. You won’t feel your implant slip, rub, or cause your speech or eating habits to change.

Dental implants in the Hill District are placed by a specialist. This dental surgeon will talk to you about the procedure and take X-Rays before the procedure starts. In most cases, this procedure is done under a local anaesthesia, though if you are getting several implants, or have other issues, you can choose a general anaesthesia. Once the anaesthesia is injected and the area is numb, the surgeon will make a small incision into the gums, and then drill a small hole into the jaw before placing the screw. The screw is topped by a piece called an abutment, and then the jaw is left to heal for several months before the replacement tooth is attached.

Hills Dental Care are experts at installing dental implants, and the team has perfected the implant experience for their patients. People who choose this office for their implants are always taken care of in a professional manner, and they feel comfortable here because they know that the surgical team has years of experience and knowledge in this procedure. Before making the decision to get implants, talk to the dental team. They can help you decide if dental implants in the Hill District are right for you.