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Why Consider Laser Treatment In Adelaide

While most people still think of lasers as something from the future and something only found in the movies, they are already used in a variety of treatments, dental and otherwise. Laser treatment in Adelaide can be used to treat periodontal disease in a new, painless way. If you’ve already had conventional periodontitis treatments and they haven’t worked or haven’t been enough, your periodontist may recommend lasers to speed up the process and see if better results can be achieved.

While lasers can be used for teeth whitening and other procedures, they are primarily used as a laser treatment option in Adelaide instead of surgery. While it is still considered a surgical procedure, it is less invasive. There are no scalpels or sutures required, which means you don’t take as long to recover and heal. In most cases, you can be back to normal activity quickly and it usually only takes two treatments, spaced two to four weeks apart. In many cases, receding gums and sensitive teeth, two side effects of traditional surgery, are never experienced, which means you have fewer problems associated with the cure for periodontal disease.

At National Periodontics, they are licensed and trained on how to use the PerioLase MVP-7 and are one of the first licensed to use it in South Australia. The machine and its parts are expensive and difficult to master, which is why accreditation and licensure are required. They take periodontal disease seriously and will help you determine if such a procedure is right for you. Whether you just learned about periodontal disease and wonder if you have it or have tried a variety of options with few results, you may find that laser treatment in Adelaide is perfect for you, as it allows all the teeth and gums to heal and treats the entire mouth.