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Your Smile Can Be Dramatically Improved With a Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ

No one wants to deal with having an unattractive smile. There are many issues that can mar the appearance of the smile and leave it looking less attractive. Thankfully, there are now more cosmetic procedures than ever before, offering patients the latest advancements in cosmetic dental improvements. Knowing more about these procedures can allow a person to make a sound choice so they can receive the smile they have always wanted. Improving the smile can have lasting positive effects on a person’s life.

These are the most popular cosmetic dental treatments:

• Out of all the cosmetic procedures, teeth whitening is the most popular, perhaps because it is also one of the most affordable. When the teeth are their whitest, minor cosmetic concerns are not as noticeable so a smile looks improved. Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove deeply set stains in the dentin, where brushing cannot touch. Teeth whitening is most effective when performed by the Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ.

• Crowns can be used to cover teeth that have been damaged in some way or are permanently stained. Crowns are tooth-shaped shells that look entirely natural once they are cemented in place. On average, crowns can last between ten to fifteen years, depending on how well they are cared for.

• Dental implants can be used to dramatically improve the appearance and function of a person’s smile. A single implant consists of three parts that are joined together to form one solid implant. The most important part of a dental implant is the titanium base because this serves as the root of the tooth, allowing for normal function.

• Bridges are an option for those who have missing teeth as well. While dental implants are considered permanent, a bridge can last up to fifteen years, if it is properly cared for. Bridges are anchored to the teeth with two crowns and then the pontic or pontics are in the middle, restoring the smile by closing in any gaps.

To find out which of these options will be most beneficial for your smile, consult with the Cosmetic Dentist in Toms River NJ. If you would like to schedule your consultation, contact Atlantic Dental today.