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Questions Frequently Heard by an Orthodontist in Indianapolis, IN

An orthodontist in Indianapolis IN typically recommends beginning the teeth alignment process during childhood, but teenagers and adults can have orthodontic treatment as well. Adults commonly opt for clear removable devices that align teeth. Teenagers increasingly are offered this option if they can be responsible about keeping the aligners in nearly all the time. Some individuals have problems that can’t effectively be resolved with these devices and need to wear braces instead. Dental patients are likely to have numerous questions about wearing braces.

First, they’ll probably wonder how long they have to wear these orthodontic devices. An Orthodontist in Indianapolis IN must answer that question individually for each patient since everyone’s situation is different. Some patients see their problems fixed within six months, but others wear braces for two years. A limited number of patients with serious teeth or jaw alignment issues must wear braces longer than that. Retainers worn at night after braces are removed may be advisable for a long time to come.

Patients often ask whether they can continue eating like they normally do. Dentists recommend avoiding sweet, sticky foods that could get stuck in the braces and would be difficult to remove. That could cause cavities. Examples include caramel and sticky, fruit-flavored candy. People with braces should brush three or four times a day when that’s possible since bits of food can easily lodge in the devices. Although it may seem inconvenient to brush teeth at school or at work after lunch, it’s much more inconvenient to deal with tooth decay. Brushing as soon as arriving home and then again before bedtime is another possibility.

Another common question heard at a practice like Moore-Berry Dentistry is whether wearing braces is painful. There usually is some discomfort immediately after the orthodontic appliances are applied to the teeth and also after adjustments. The patient’s teeth and jaw may feel achy for a day or two. Over-the-counter pain medication should take care of that. Of course, it’s to be expected that having the brackets and wires in the mouth will feel unusual at first. It takes some getting used to. Check out Website Domain for information on this particular clinic.