When You Should See An Endodontist

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Dental

There are a number of dental specialties, one of which is endodontics. Many people will be unfamiliar with the term but may be familiar with one of the common treatments, root canal therapy. General dentists may have the skill to perform routine root canals but there are times when specialist treatment is required.

An endodontist in North Shore has taken advanced training and as such is in a better position to give the best possible care and the best outcome; saving the tooth.

What is endodontics?

Endodontics involves the treatment of tooth pulp and nerve tissue that is infected or otherwise causing a problem. The treatment most patients are familiar with is root canal therapy. There are other issues that an endodontist on North Shore will deal with as well, cracked, and broken teeth in particular.

If you have injured a tooth, if there is swelling around a tooth, if a tooth is sensitive to hot and cold and you experience pain always see your dentist. If your general dentist is hesitant to deal with the problem, he or she will refer you to an endodontist for proper treatment.

Why choose an endodontist over your general dentist?

Highly invasive treatments, such as a root canal, require precise work. Many general dentists can do work of this nature but it is not a specialty, therefore they do not have the in-depth experience that an endodontist in North Shore has. An endodontist also has unique dental equipment that helps to mitigate any discomfort that might be experienced during the procedure.

Healthy people, those that have healthy gums and teeth are usually treated by their general dentist. People that have ongoing problems with their oral cavity are those that should see an endodontist in the event they need to have root canal therapy. There are situations where specialized dental care is safer and the results are better.

An endodontist in North Shore is a dental specialist that is committed to saving teeth that are infected or been subjected to trauma. You are invited to make an appointment with Dental Specialists of North Shore.

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