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A Dentist in Utica NY Can Extract Problem Third Molars Commonly Called Wisdom Teeth

The arrival of the third molars in the back of the mouth during the young adult years seems pointless to most people. They have no need for wisdom teeth, and most of the time, dentists recommend having the third molars extracted. A general dentist in Utica, NY can remove wisdom teeth if the extraction process is not a complicated one.

Common Problems With Third Molars

Often one or more wisdom teeth cannot grow in properly. They come in only partially or become impacted under the gums or obstructed by the jawbone. Wisdom teeth can grow in crooked and may even appear sideways in X-rays.

Wisdom teeth that do grow in fully commonly start to crowd the other teeth, and are prone to cavities and infections because they are difficult to keep clean. They may be tight against the adjacent tooth, and they also are so far back in the mouth that effective brushing and flossing is difficult.

Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

With all these problems, how did the third molars get their nickname? Most people probably think the teeth should have a name indicating something quite the opposite of wisdom, especially when they need tooth extraction by a dentist in Utica, NY.

It seems that referring to these molars as the teeth of wisdom dates back to the 1600s, but why people started using this nickname at that time is unclear. The idea appears to have been that the teeth arrive when the individual has grown up and has become wiser. It’s time to act like an adult.

The name is in contrast to the nickname for primary teeth. Those are typically called baby teeth, even though kids generally have some of the primary teeth remaining until they reach their adolescent years.

The Probable Reason for Third Molars

Although these late-arriving molars do not have any true purpose for modern humans, they were important for the earliest humans who probably lost many of their teeth to decay by young adulthood. Some teeth also might have been worn down because of a diet consisting of many hard and tough raw foods. Times have changed, and problem wisdom teeth can be removed at a clinic like Business Name.