What To Expect During And After Teeth Whitening Services In Roseburg, Oregon

by | Jun 14, 2016 | dental care advise

In Oregon, dental patients visit local practices to find ways to enhance their smiles. Cosmetic services provide them with invaluable treatment selections. These selections include teeth whitening opportunities. Local dentists provide these patients with Teeth Whitening Services Roseburg Oregon in their regional areas today.

Who Should Get These Treatments

Candidates who are ideal for these treatment must have healthy teeth and gums. They cannot have any existing damage or exposed nerves. These conditions could present them with pain and discomfort. For this reason, the dentist performs a thorough examination of the teeth and gums before starting the procedure. Any damage found must be remedied before the dentist can continue with these cosmetic efforts.

How are the Treatments Performed?

The first step involves the placement of a barrier around the gums. This prevents the peroxide solution from causing any gum irritation or bleeding. Next, the dentist applies the peroxide solution onto each tooth individually. Once all teeth are coated, they apply an ultraviolet light. The light cures the peroxide solution and maximizes the results of the procedure.

Acquiring Additional Treatments

Patients with stubborn stains may need additional teeth whitening services in Roseburg Oregon. The dentist determines when and how often these treatments are performed. This reduces the potential for any damage to the tooth enamel. Patients who drink stain-producing beverages or smoke may need more than one treatment to see real results. Overtime, the treatments will break down the stains and allow the patient to manage discoloration at home.

At-Home Options to Maintain Results

The dentist may provide at-home options for patients as well. These pre-filled trays allow them to whiten their teeth in the privacy of their home. These treatments aren’t as potent as in-office treatments. However, they can provide adequate whitening power to fight off the most common causes of staining.

In Oregon, dental patients visit local dental practices to seek clear answers for the treatment of stains and discoloration. The dentist provides invaluable solutions through cosmetic dentistry. These options may include teeth whitening. Patients who wish to acquire Teeth Whitening Services Roseburg Oregon should contact Business Name for more information today.

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