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What is an Exocad file?

Dentistry is a complicated field, and there are several technologies. However, choosing which of the new technologies suits your practice is hard. But the exocad software has transformed the dentistry world, enabling dental experts to move to digital production smoothly. So, before picking any CAD/CAM system, why not research what an exocad file is?

What is an Exocad file?

Exocad file is software used by major dental CAD/CAM systems manufacturers. Dental professionals worldwide are using it to optimize customers’ evolving needs. The software helps adapt to emerging trends in digital dentistry. Additionally, it covers dentistry extensively, making it ideal for experts and newcomers. If you have not used it, it’s time to try after you learn the advantages of using this software.

It’s flexible

Exocad offer maximum flexibility, freedom, and an open approach to design. Not only is the software flexible, but also the business model. You can either match or mix modules, buy Exocad dental CAD software licenses or rent the software at a lower rate.

The software is reliable

The way the software is created is convenient, reliable, and efficient. The product is stable, detailed, and has good quality. In addition, the creator of the software offers reliable updates that provide new possibilities that suit your needs.

Allows faster workflow and improved proficiency

An exocad file is high-performance software. It works at high speed even when dealing with complex and large cases. The software also responds quickly and has optimal usability that helps speed up work, saving time.

Easy to use

The Exocad file is easy to use and navigate. Due to its specifications, you can do complex procedures more easily and efficiently. The ease to use has made a change in dentistry.

Daily dental cases are increasing. However, technology evolves daily, making things easy and better for the dental world. This has led to experts doing more complex procedures that were hard in the past DentCore.