Two Important Questions Answered About Pediatric Dentistry In Manahawkin NJ

by | Feb 17, 2016 | dental care advise

Parents who have concerns about taking their children to the dentist should schedule an appointment with a dentist who specializes in Pediatric Dentistry in Manahawkin NJ. A pediatric dentist has specialized training in treating dental issues in children. A dental office that provides pediatric dentistry also knows the best ways to make children feel comfortable and less anxious during a dental visit. Read the questions and answers below to learn about the specialties of a qualified children’s dentist.

Q.) What can a pediatric dentist do to help prevent children from getting cavities?

A.) Pediatric dentists often recommend that children have dental sealants to help prevent tooth decay. Dentists apply a sealant solution to the surface of the back molars that acts as a guard to prevent tooth decay from forming in the teeth. The sealant keeps bacteria out of the tiny grooves of the tooth’s surface, where cavities often form. The sealant normally lasts for several years and if necessary, the dentist can repeat the procedure. Pediatric dentists also provide fluoride treatments for children, and this helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay. Click here to know more.

Q.) Do children still need to visit a pediatric dentist on a regular basis if they have sealants?

A.) Even though sealants do help to keep tooth decay from forming in the teeth, children should still see the dentist twice a year for a routine checkup. A dental examination is important because, during the exam, a dentist will be able to detect any tooth problems before they get too bad. A pediatric dentist checks the alignment of the teeth and also examines the gums to make sure they’re healthy too. A dentist who specializes in Pediatric Dentistry in Manahawkin NJ needs to routinely examine a child’s baby teeth to make sure the permanent teeth are erupting on schedule.

Little Egg Dental provides general dentistry for their adult patients and pediatric dentistry services for children. A pediatric dentistry specialist will make sure that your child has the best dental care possible while making the visit fun and stress-free. Visit them online to learn about their various pediatric dental services including checkups, sealants, fillings and fluoride treatments.

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