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Is Implant Dentistry in Las Vegas the Right Choice?

The patient needs an alternative to the now missing natural teeth, and the results of the dental exam indicate that implants are a possibility. Now the individual must decide if Implant Dentistry Las Vegas is the way to go, or if dentures would work just as well. Here are some points to keep in mind about implants and why people often favor them over other approaches.

A Longer Lasting Solution

There is no doubt that Implant Dentistry Las Vegas is more involved than being fitted for a set of dentures. With implants, there is the need to insert them directly into the space once occupied by the teeth. From there, caps that are fashioned to look like each tooth must be created. That does involve making sure they are the right size for the patient’s mouth.

The benefit of all this work is that the implants offer a solution that easily outlasts any set of dentures. The implants help to prevent shrinkage of the bone structure and allow the patient to avoid a sunken look to the face. Each cap is designed to hold up to a lot of use, and will only need replacing if some sort of damage takes place. By contrast, dentures will last for several years, but must be modified and eventually replaced with a new set as the jaw structure continues to shrink.

A Natural Look

Since implants are actually embedded in each gum, they have a look that is hard to distinguish from a set of natural teeth. Dentures are designed to rest on the gums, making it easier to see where the plates end and the gum begins each time the person smiles. For people who would rather others not know that their real teeth are history, implants are a great solution.

For anyone who is pondering the relative merits of dentures and implants, browse the website and contact Desert Breeze Dental about any appointment. After a full dental exam, the team can determine if the patient is a candidate for implants and go over all the particulars. After hearing more about implants and what other patients think, it will be easier to make the right decision.