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The Process of a Root Canal in Ocala, Florida

As dreaded as the root canal process can be, there are many reasons why a root canal in Ocala is important. Many people talk about the pain involved in this procedure, but the pain an individual may have to live with if they choose not to get a root canal can be even worse than any sort of dental procedure.

Signs a Root Canal is Needed

A root canal is necessary when a tooth is in a state of decay, typically from a cavity. When the cavity goes to the root of the tooth, this can cause significant infections or abscesses. While this is rare, some people have actually died from these infections. Typically, a broken tooth or tooth that is in a state of decay will get to the point where the nerve will be exposed, and this is when a significant amount of pain is generally felt. This pain is typically an indication that a root canal procedure needs to take place.

The Procedure

During a root canal in Ocala, the nerve and the pulp or the root of the tooth is removed. Then, the area where the nerve and pulp used to be is properly cleaned and disinfected if necessary. This removes any potential for infections or abscesses, and it greatly reduces the pain that a person feels from the tooth. Since there is no more nerve in the damaged tooth, there is no pain to be felt.

Additional Steps

This completes the actual root canal procedure. However, to protect a decaying tooth and to avoid any potential infections down the road, the tooth will need to be sealed and covered. This process is known as a crown, and while this is a separate process, if a tooth receives a root canal procedure, it will also need to be crowned or covered. This is to avoid any infection issues down the road and to protect what is left of the tooth.

Root canals have a reputation for being extremely painful, but the alternative can be more painful than a person can possibly imagine and it can also be quite dangerous. That’s why, if you have a broken or decaying tooth and you’ve experienced a great deal of pain and discomfort, you may need a root canal procedure. Your best option is to make an appointment at to determine what can be done to relieve your pain and save your tooth.