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Finding a Dentist in Utica, NY When You Have Special Needs

Choosing a dentist in Utica, NY may seem like a simple process for many individuals. However, someone with special needs could find this task to be much harder. The dentist must recognize these needs and care for the patient appropriately. What steps can be taken to make this process easier?

Sharing Information

First and foremost, a patient must be forthcoming with their dentist regarding these special needs. If the patient has limited funds for dental care, the dentist can then make recommendations taking this into consideration. Some people have a medical condition that could affect their care, and this needs to be shared with the dentist also. The goal is always to obtain the highest care possible, and the dentist must have all information in order to provide this care.

Training and Experience

Ask the dentist if he or she has special training in the care and treatment of individuals with the same condition. For example, a person with low blood pressure may find their blood pressure drops more when they are given Novocaine. How will the dentist accommodate for this and does he or she treat others with this condition? By knowing this ahead of time, a person can determine if this professional is right for their needs.


Some dentists may not feel comfortable treating a person with a specific condition. When speaking with the dentist, don’t be offended if they recommend another professional. They may not feel qualified to provide the optimal level of care and will refer patients out when this is the case. This is nothing personal with regard to the patient. They simply may not be interested in treating the patient, as they don’t feel they are equipped to do so.


All businesses are required to be accessible to those who are disabled. However, there may be special considerations within the dental office. Can the patient easily move from their mobility device to the chair? This is only one example of things that need to be taken into account when choosing a dentist.

If you or a loved one has special needs, finding a dentist in Utica, NY such as Business Name may be more complicated. Don’t hesitate to contact the state department of health for assistance. In addition, the Special Care Dentistry Association can be of help. There is a dentist for everyone, and these organizations can be of help in locating that professional.