The Most Important Benefits of Orthodontics

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Dentistry

For many adults and children who suffer with issues arising from teeth misalignment, treatment with metal braces or an alternative form of orthodontics is the only answer for attaining an ideal smile. Once all of their permanent teeth have come in, individuals of all ages and genders can gain tremendous benefits from receiving orthodontic treatment. Along with improvements in biting and chewing ability, the following are some of the most important benefits of Orthodontics Services in St. Augustine.

Appearance Improvement – The most important benefits of Orthodontics Services in St. Augustine is the dramatic and positive change in appearance of the people. Adjusting the teeth and bones of the jaw into their optimal alignment improves an individual’s smile and often changes and improves the appearance of their non-smiling face by enhancing its profile and symmetry.

Increased Confidence – Once orthodontic treatment is complete, many patients find themselves armed with a much higher level of confidence and self-esteem, which stems from the improvements in areas such as their appearance and new-found ability to eat, speak and pronounce words properly. For people who have experienced socially crippling difficulty because of the misalignment of their teeth, successful orthodontic treatment completely changes their lives.

Better Oral Hygiene – A frequently cited issue for people with problems such as teeth crowding and overlapping is difficulty maintaining optimal oral hygiene and health. Depending on the severity and scope of teeth misalignment, performing every day activities such as brushing and flossing often proves to be very difficult, with lack of adequate oral hygiene leading to problems such as plaque and tartar buildup as well as gingivitis.

Correction Of Speech Issues – Poor alignment of teeth often causes individuals to have difficulty with saying certain words or their speech patterns. Overbites and excessive spacing between teeth are common causes of lisps and whistling while talking. Proper orthodontic treatment easily corrects these alignment issues, allowing the patients to speak and pronounce once difficult words clearly and correctly.

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