The General Dentist in Oahu Can Stop Your Tooth Sensitivity

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Dentist

Tooth sensitivity was once thought to be a condition that could not be treated and must instead be lived with. This condition causes twinges of pain that range from sharp to deep aches. It can also cause feelings of irritation. Unfortunately, sensitivity can be caused by different issues so it is crucial patients see their General Dentist Oahu to diagnose the condition and find the right treatment to bring relief.

Tooth sensitivity may be caused by:

* One of the most common causes of increased sensitivity in the teeth is cavities. When a cavity develops, it begins to cause irritation in the nerve. This can cause minor to severe forms of sensitivity that often progress in severity as the cavity progresses. If tooth sensitivity is being caused by cavities, the General Dentist in Oahu can remove the damaged tooth tissue and fill the tooth so these nerve sensations will effectively be stopped.

* Improper brushing technique can also be a cause for this condition. If one uses too hard of a toothbrush or brushes too vigorously, damage can occur to the enamel and cause nerve irritation to develop. It is important people use a soft toothbrush and gentle strokes when brushing their teeth to avoid this condition.

* As a person ages, the microscopic pores in their teeth can often widen and cause increased sensitivity. This condition can be treated by the dentist with a strong Fluoride treatment. Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel so the pores in the teeth begin to shrink. This can lead to improved symptoms and less pain.

* Tooth sensitivity can also result from minor damage to a tooth. When damage strikes, a person may not be aware right away. It is crucial to have damaged teeth repaired as soon as possible so the tooth is not in danger of being lost.

If you are dealing with increased tooth sensitivity and need to find relief, visit Sitename. Through an examination, the dentist can find what is causing your condition so the right treatment can be sought for relief. Call the office right away to schedule your consultation appointment so your teeth can be properly examined and your condition diagnosed.

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