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5 Basics Truths About Invisalign

With so many new and improved dental treatments available these days, it’s easier to get crooked teeth, overbites, or even gaps between your teeth fixed. One such treatment to consider when it comes to straightening your teeth is Invisalign, provided in Mount Vernon NY. If you’re interested, here are some essential facts you should know from Shape before you set an appointment with your dentist.

You Need to Wear Them. A Lot
You’ll need to need to wear for at least 20 hours every day. 22 hours is the recommended time frame, but you can reduce it by two hours if that seems more manageable for you, depending on your lifestyle. That means it’s best to wear them during meal times as well. Be prepared to go through a major adjustment if that’s the case.

They’re Invisible But Still Audible
Widely known as invisible braces, people won’t really know you’ve got braces on if they see you. Like wire braces, wearing these aligners takes some getting used to. But that feeling will eventually go away, and in the meantime, nobody will realize you’re wearing them!

Not a Go-To Solution for Everyone
While these invisible aligners are ideal for treating minor orthodontic problems—gaps, crooked teeth—severe cases will need treatment that’s more extensive. Metal braces surgery, for one, is a good choice if you want faster results. So get your teeth checked out before you make plans to get yourself fitted with these invisible aligners. That way, you know if it’s the right treatment for you.

Never Leave Home Without Your Toothbrush
Your toothbrush will be your new best friend. You’ll use it every meal time so food bits won’t linger in your mouth more than they should. Make sure you’ve always got it with you. Better yet, buy a few and put them in your bag or desk at work. That way, you’ll always have a spare. One of the perks of having invisible aligners is that you don’t have to worry about detailed cleaning after meals, as you would with metal braces. There’s virtually no chance of food particles getting stuck in or on the aligners.

It Takes Time
It won’t work in a week or month. Some treatments can last for about six months to a year. So don’t rush it. When you finally get to see the results, you’ll be happy. By then, you’ll be so used to brushing after every meal and such a big believer in flossing that you’ll end up in better dental shape than you were before.

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