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The Advantages Of Orthodontic Treatment In Medina OH With Invisalign

In modern dental medicine, there are more choices for straightening misaligned teeth. Before Invisalign, metal braces was the only way to straighten teeth. In the past children in particularly had a strong desire for perfectly straight teeth, but they objected what had to be done to produce those results. Now no child or adult has to be embarrassed about going through orthodontic treatment in Medina OH with transparent aligners.

The process for Orthodontic Treatment in Medina OH consists of wearing custom-made invisible aligners over the teeth to steadily shift them to an even position. Patients wear a series of aligners with each being worn until the teeth are fixed in that phase of positioning. Each new aligner is a step in the gentle process of moving teeth to the targeted positioning. The features people like most about clear aligners is that they’re removable for eating and brushing. Aligners are cleaned separately making hygiene practices much easier.

A tooth that has received minor damage resulting in a chip or crack can be saved with dental crowns. A dental crown is a single cap made of porcelain that’s placed over a tooth to protect it from further harm. It can be done for teeth that are cracked or stricken with mild decay. The dentist first takes an x-ray of the tooth to see if there’s root damage. If so, a root canal may be a prerequisite for the procedure. A small amount of surface enamel is scuffed off to make room for the crown. The strength of the tooth is assessed to see if it needs a filling to reinforce the base. The dentist examines the tooth with the new crown to make sure the fitting is right. Crowns are cleaned and cared for the same way natural teeth are. As an added cosmetic advantage, crowns improve the appearance of each tooth it’s adhered to.

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