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Signs Your Child Needs Quality Orthodontic Services

When you think of braces, you may assume your child must be in their teens to get treatment. However, you can start bringing them for orthodontic review at a much younger age. Usually, seven years old is a terrific time to search for potential issues. This review does not mean they will need braces. It identifies how their smile will form and creates a straightening plan if necessary. Here are additional reasons your child should see an orthodontist.

Baby Teeth

When you notice tooth loss in other children, it may have seemed your child moves quicker or slower than others. Their baby teeth may come out much earlier or later than they should. This pattern could be a sign that they will need braces. Other teeth can slide into the space if a baby tooth is lost early. When the teeth get lost much later, your child may experience an issue with their alignment. It will be best for an orthodontist in Fort Worth to determine the best course of action. They have the experience to decide what your child needs.

Mouth Breathing

Rather than breathing through their nose, your child may prefer to breathe through their mouth. This respiration may happen because they may lack the ability to rest their tongue against the roof of their mouth. This condition can cause their jaw to narrow and not have enough for their teeth. But an orthodontist in Fort Worth can use devices to widen their mouth and more. It would take a consultation to find out what is needed to help.

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