Prepare Your Child in Advance to Visit the Pediatric Dentist

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Pediatric Dentistry

You never want to have a last-minute discussion with your child about visiting the pediatric dentist near Chicago. Last-minute notice increases their anxiety and does not give them time to process the discussion. Use the following tips to prepare your child for their dentist appointment in advance.

Give Them Enough Notice

The length of notice depends on your child, but you need to give them enough time to mentally prepare for their appointment. It also gives them time to ask questions and address their concerns. Remember to steer the discussion in a positive direction, but you also want to listen and remind them that their feelings are valid.

Let Them Plan the Morning

You can also ask them to help you plan out the morning of the appointment. Let them pick out their outfit for the day and ask them if they would like to take a comfort toy to the appointment. Allowing your child to help plan the morning gives them a sense of control in what may be a nerve-wracking experience for them.

Plan a Fun Activity for Later

Give your child something to look forward to by planning a fun activity for after the appointment. One example is stopping by the playground or allowing them to watch their favorite movie. You can also allow them to choose lunch or dinner, especially if they need to skip breakfast before the appointment.

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