Seek Care at the Best Female Dentist in St. Albert

by | May 4, 2022 | Dentist

Many people suffer from anxiety when they need to see a dentist. It is very common to have anxiety before walking into a dental office. The tools, the sounds, and the atmosphere can all feel foreign. As a patient, you may be looking for an extra warm welcome by the best female dentist in St. Albert. At dentist offices such as Citadel Dental, you will be greeted like family while receiving the utmost professional care.

Preferences Are Normal

When looking for the best female dentist in St. Albert, you may be doing so because you prefer female dentists. Many people have a preference on whether or not they would like a male or female physician. When you visit a dentist, you are trusting them with your oral hygiene and health. If you have poor oral hygiene, it may feel embarrassing. You may want a female dentist because you feel more comfortable and accepted. You should trust your dentist to help you make the best decisions regarding your oral health.


If you have severe anxiety before a dentist appointment, a family dentist in St. Albert can help alleviate this anxiety with medication assistance and treatment. They may offer a dose of medication to make you feel more comfortable and relaxed during the appointment. You should call your dentist’s office to see what steps they take to help you reduce your anxiety so you don’t miss your next cleaning or consultation appointment.

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