Regular Oral Health Screenings at a Kid’s Dentist in Edmonton

by | May 4, 2022 | Dentist

Pediatric oral health is very important to check regularly as a child grows and develops. From a very young age, children need to be taught how and when to brush their teeth. Children’s baby teeth can quickly develop cavities if they are not properly cared for. When children are taught how to care for their teeth at a young age, they will carry these habits throughout their adulthood. It is also important to have your child’s oral health assessed by a licenced dentist regularly for check-ups at a children’s dental centre in Edmonton.

A Comforting Environment

A kid’s dentist in Edmonton knows how to work with children. Many dentists provide family services but are not specialized in pediatric care. At places like Gateway Pediatric Dentistry, the dentists know how to comfort children and make the dentist feel fun rather than scary. Pediatric dentists often design their facilities to be kid-friendly. For example, they may have toys in the waiting room, bright colors painted on the walls, and printed toothbrushes for the children to take home after their visit. When kids walk into a kid’s dentist’s office, they will see all the kid-oriented designs and feel welcome.

Understanding Kids

A kid’s dentist in Edmonton will be very patient. They understand children are not always willing to visit a dentist’s office and may be scared or intimidated. Experienced pediatric dentists and their staff members will know how to work with your child’s personality. Is your child chatty or shy? Either way, an experienced kid’s dentist will create a warm and inviting environment so your child feels safe. They will explain each tool so your child feels comfortable during each visit.

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