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Seeing Dentist Anne Arundel To Help With Teeth Whitening

When someone has teeth that appear stained, they may wish to take steps in removing this discoloration. Whiter teeth can be obtained in a variety of ways. Here are a few ideas one can try on their own. If none of these workout, seeing Dentist Anne Arundel for a teeth whitening procedure can be done.

Some fruits work well at removing surface stains from the teeth. Mashing a strawberry and placing the pulp on the fronts of the teeth for several minutes can help reduce the amount of discoloration present on the enamel surfaces of the teeth. Rubbing a banana peel onto the teeth is another method some people try to help take away the stains present on teeth. These are both safe methods to try.

Baking soda works well at removing stains. This should be used in moderation, however, as it is known to remove enamel from the teeth if large amounts are used. Make a baking soda toothpaste from equal parts of baking soda and water. Mix well and brush on the teeth to remove stains. Rinse after about a minute to minimize the risk of enamel loss. This method should only be done once a week. Using hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash can also be beneficial in reducing stains. This is safe for the teeth and can be done in addition to regular mouth washing.

There are many tooth whitening products on the market. Like baking soda, these can be harmful to teeth. It is best to have a professional dentist help with any whitening procedures as they will help keep the enamel intact during the procedure. The addition of crowns, white fillings, or veneers can be used to whiten teeth. A bleaching procedure could also be administered in a safe setting. This is the best way to whiten teeth without harming them in the process.

If someone wishes to have a whitening procedure done themselves, they can contact Dentist Anne Arundel for an evaluation. She would be able to give a cost estimate for any procedures done, and an appointment can be made to have the teeth professional whitened in her office if desired. Visit Site for more information.