Dental Practice Sellers in California Are Tuned to the Realities of the Market

by | Jan 14, 2016 | Dental

It is more or less the norm today for independent dentists to put in decades of hard work building up their practices. With most of the country’s dentists choosing to go this route instead of working for others, that leaves a great many thriving businesses with owners who cannot be expected to lead them forever. As retirement gets closer, many dentists understandably begin to wonder about the value of the practices they have built. Dental Practice Sellers in California are often the best source of answers to such questions, as they are most likely of all to have a feeling for the state of the market.

The value of a particular practice will depend on a number of things. One is the current size of the client list, as most patients will default, at least initially, to giving their business to whoever takes over a practice. While it still behooves new practice owners to work hard to please these patients in order to earn their loyalty, the fact is that a large, thriving book of clients adds more than anything else to the value of a given practice.

Dental Practice Sellers in California like Western Practice Sales point out that there is more to the equation than that, though. The actual, physical location of a practice turns out to have a major influence on its value, even to the point of exceeding in importance a number of factors that are commonly assumed to be more significant. Although they rank the quality of the service they receive the most highly of all, dental patients prize convenience greatly, and a practice whose location will make it easy to access alongside their other everyday obligations therefore inevitably earns strong marks from them.

Between these two basic factors, quite a bit of the market value of any given practice can be accounted for. To that short list can be adding such issues as the age of a practice, its reputation at online sites and in general, and factors like how many other practices lie close by. Those who specialize in selling practices for the dentists who built them up can often give these clients a fairly accurate idea as to how much they can expect to earn.

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