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Seeing a Dental Clinic in Newark NJ for Bad Breath

Normally, aerobic (oxygen-dependent) bacteria live in the oral cavity of a healthy-nourished person. These bacteria prevent the unrestricted production of anaerobic bacteria. However, when ideal living conditions are not present – due to poor nutrition, alcohol use, and/or inadequate oral hygiene – these aerobic bacteria retreat. The natural and healthy balance of the oral flora is destroyed, and halitosis (bad breath) develops.

If bad breath is an issue for you, visit a Dental Clinic in Newark NJ to see your options.

Mouthwashes are not the solution

Strong disinfectant mouthwashes can be used because they kill the unwanted bacteria in the short term. However, they also kill the desired aerobic bacteria that is part of a healthy mouth. As soon as mouth rinses are discontinued, if the person’s eating and living habits are not changed, experience has shown that bacteria will continue to grow.

Bad breath is, therefore, only briefly covered by the scent of mouthwash or chewing gum before it returns with a vengeance again. Many people use these mouthwashes permanently, which, in the long run, can lead to serious side effects. Among chlorhexidine-containing products, these include impaired taste and discoloration of the teeth, which is why long-term use is not advised.

In addition, unhealthy protein-rich and acid-forming diets, medicines and the excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine not only damage the mouth’s oral flora, but also the bacteria balance in the entire digestive system. A treatment restricted to the oral and pharynx area will not lead to success in all cases. To learn more about the use of mouthwashes, contact ChildSmilesFamilySmiles today.

Natural tips that fight bad breath

Have your teeth checked and cleaned when necessary. If bad breath comes from periodontitis, people will find effective holistic measures and important background information on the internet and through their local Dental Clinic in Newark NJ. Use as soft a toothbrush whenever possible (whether brushing it electrically or by hand), interdental floss, an oral irrigator, and toothpaste with no superfluous synthetic ingredients.

Many fluoride-free dental care products and mouthwashes from the natural cosmetics sector already contain the right herbs for bad breath. Click here for more details.