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Are You Ready For Dentures in Smyrna TN?

There are many reasons that can cause someone to lose their teeth. Gum disease and decay are the top reasons. When massive tooth loss occurs, tooth replacement is important. Individuals often make the wise decision to seek Dentures in Smyrna TN. Dentures allow individuals to replace their missing teeth so their smile can be made beautifully whole. Before a person chooses dentures, they need to learn all they can about them so they can make a wise decision.

Why Do People Choose Dentures?

Dentures are one of the most practical methods of replacing large amounts of missing teeth. Today’s dentures are more natural-looking than ever before and more comfortable to wear. With today’s many options, dentures can fit in with a variety of budgets.

Dentures do not require patients to seek surgery and they typically offer a tooth replacement solution for just about everyone, no matter their age. It is important a person consults with their dentist to ensure they are a good candidate for Dentures in Smyrna TN. Good candidates need to have healthy gum tissue and ample bone growth in the jawbone so the denture plates will have the right level of support.

What Can Be Expected?

When a patient comes in for dentures, they will first be examined by their dentist. The dentist will need to make sure there are no issues that would prevent the patient from comfortably wearing dentures. Once found to be a good candidate, the dentist will make impressions of their patient’s smile to ensure their dentures will be made to exacting specifications for a perfect fit.

The impressions are sent to the dental lab, where the dentures will be created. Once made, the patient will have their dentures checked for fit and adjustments will be made as needed to ensure the patient can wear their new teeth comfortably.

To learn more about the benefits of dentures and what can be expected from the process, visit website. They are the dental professionals patients rely on for all of their dental needs, whether for the protection of their oral health or for cosmetic intervention. Call today to schedule an appointment.