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Why Should People Consider Getting a Dental Implant in Ocala?

A dental implant in Ocala is used to replace a tooth’s missing roots and is designed to hold the replacement teeth in place. These can be removable or permanent. What does this type of procedure involve? This article explains everything a person needs to know about the procedure.

First, the dentist or oral surgeon inserts a small metal post into the jaw. Over time, it merges with the jaw (this process is called “osseointegration”). The implant forms a solid base which allows the dentist to place one or more artificial teeth. Since the implant is placed inside the jawbone, people can treat it much like a natural tooth. However, being more fragile, it will be necessary to clean it gently when brushing and flossing. Gently brushing all surfaces of the implant is essential to the health of the implant – a toothbrush with a longer tip will help to clean the back surface of the implant. At least once a day, it is recommended to gently floss. It is imperative to use extreme caution at the junction of the implant and the gingiva. A silk threader may also be useful.

A dental implant in Ocala is not suitable for all. Here are the prerequisites:

  *    Excellent overall health;

  *    Healthy gums; and

  *    The bone base of the jaw is strong enough to support the implant.

When the bone base can no longer support the teeth, it is normal that the latter tends to be refined. As a result, the absence of teeth for a prolonged period of time may decrease bone mass. Since the implant fits into the framework of the jaw, it is less likely that this will occur. However, if there is any shrinkage, a bone graft may be needed to reconstitute the bone base. This will favor the subsequent installation of implants. The dentist or oral specialist will confirm if a transplant is indicated in each case.

After the loss of one or more teeth, it is desirable to replace them. A dental implant is the best option available. This involves placing a titanium cylinder in the space once occupied by the tooth and installing a crown or prosthesis attachment therein. This intervention by Exceptional Dentistry makes it possible to restore both the masticatory and aesthetic function of the mouth.