Pediatrician in Newark NJ: Developing Good Dental Hygiene For Your Children

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Dentist

The right Pediatrician in Newark NJ offers plenty of support and encouragement for parents in regards to a child’s health routine. Developing the appropriate dental hygiene for kids is crucial. The earlier, the better. With the right tips and tools, parents can use proper resources at home with the children for better dental health that works out well for everyone.

ChildSmilesFamilySmiles has developed a list of several tips that parents can practice with children for an excellent health routine:

 *    Encourage at an early age. Children should begin drinking straight from a cup as early as age one.

 *    Avoid having your child drink juice directly from a bottle.

 *    Pediatric Dentists offer ways to help parents stop prolonged thumb sucking habits developed by the child.

 *    Never dip a pacifier into honey or anything sweet before giving it to a baby.

 *    Prevent the child from becoming cavity prone. Limit the amount of sugary food intake throughout the day.

 *    Make sure to receive X-rays, orthodontic treatment, dental sealants, and more from the dental office.

 *    Use a soft-bristled toothbrush, and brush the child’s teeth gently back and forth.

 *    Make sure that the drinking water your children are using is fluoridated.

 *    Starch and sugary foods provide an opportunity for acid decay in the teeth.

 *    Contact the pediatric dentist immediately if a child breaks or chips his or her tooth.

 *    Don’t ignore the health of the child’s teeth. It could lead to tooth loss and more.

 *    Snacking constantly can lead to bacteria and acid build up.

Additionally, parents and families can just focus on three simple meals each day. At the most, try to give children at least two snacks. This type of diet and care will allow the child’s teeth to remineralize. It will also give the teeth a break. Children should also drink plenty of water. Water refreshes the mouth. Flossing the teeth also helps.

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