How Can Dentists in North Attleboro MA Help You?

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Dental

The very symbol of hygiene and seduction, a person’s teeth are the key to their smile and takes an important place in his or her life. Yet, numerous people continue to neglect their teeth. Dentists in North Attleboro MA have a role that is comparable to that of an attending physician and should be consulted regularly to prevent and treat major oral problems.

Who is the dentist?

Dentists are still feared by about half of the world’s population, even though a dentist is there to ensure the health of each person’s mouth, teeth, and gums. Their role is as much to cure as to prevent dental problems, the main ones being cavities, dental plaque as well as gingival and periodontal diseases. A dentist’s weapons consist of thorough oral examinations, advice, personalized hygiene techniques but also, if necessary, the knowledge to repair, replace and correct positioning defects. There are numerous dental specialties but the two that are most used are orthodontics and periodontics. This regulated profession is organized and controlled by national councils.

When to consult a dentist?

It is necessary to start routine visits to dentists in North Attleboro MA, if possible, at a young age. These visits should be at least once a year for an adult and twice a year for a child. This task makes it possible to carry out a visual (and possibly radiological) check to highlight certain areas forgotten during brushing and to carry out an annual scaling. However, if there is a risk or a confirmed presence of cavities or gingival lesions, care and surveillance will be more frequent.

When should people see a dentist?

Do not wait until you experience pain to consult a dentist. Generally speaking, any changes in the mouth should lead to bad breath, a hot/cold sensitive tooth, a feeling of constant food packing between the teeth, red and swollen gums or bleeding gums. All persons whose mouth is more favorable to the development of decay and gingivitis, those who wear dental prostheses and those who neglect the regularity of care and brushing, should be seen by a professional. Contact Atwill-Conroy Dental Associates for more details.

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