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Tips to Getting Dental Implants in Annapolis

The first thing that people should know when getting Dental Implants in Annapolis is that the procedure, albeit painless, will cause some unpleasant side effects following the intervention. The most common discomforts are pain, swelling and bruising. Patients will also need to be very careful about the pressure he or she puts on their implants because it must be minimal during the healing process (between 4 and 6 months). That said, these inconveniences are nothing compared to the pleasure users will find after this operation.

In short, the procedure is a very common one for dentists today. However, it remains a surgical procedure and every precaution must be taken to ensure that the operation proceeds without incident (incidents that are very rare when the procedure is respected). If you have recently lost a tooth due to decay, gingival problems, periodontal disease or injury, you may be considering the placement of an implant.

This small guide explains in detail what a dental implant is, the rates one can expect to pay, as well as the pros and cons of the procedure. It will answer most questions people have and will help individuals determine if the implant is the right solution. A dental implant is an artificial dental root. It is inserted permanently or temporarily into the jaw to hold an artificial tooth in place. It is generally made of titanium, a material biocompatible with the jaw bone.

The fusion of the bone and the implant is a phenomenon called osseointegration. This is made possible by the physical characteristics of titanium, which is why this material is used for the manufacture of implants. When a tooth is lost, part of the bone that sustains it is also lost. Sometimes the bone must be reconstituted during implant placement.

Implants help stabilize the jaw, prevent greater bone loss and maintain the shape of the maxilla. Implants are a practical alternative to dentures because they do not retreat and are much more comfortable and natural. When you have an implant, it is as if you never lost the tooth, meaning users rarely feel any difference. Click Here for more details.