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How a Root Canal Can Help

Root canals have gotten a bad reputation when it comes to dental treatments. But after the treatment is completed, you will experience a huge relief in the area that was causing you so much discomfort and pain. Without a root canal, there can be much bigger problems ahead. Here is what you need to know about root canals in Jacksonville Beach and how they can help.

Why Get a Root Canal?
There are several reasons for a root canal. A root canal can save your tooth if a tooth is deeply decayed or infected,. The nerves can become a problem if there are a lot of fillings. If chips or cracks is present, or if there has been too much dental work done to a tooth you will need a root canal. Once the pulp or nerve inside a tooth is damaged, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. This is what causes weakness, sensitivity, and pain in a tooth. If you are having issues with your tooth, you need a dentist that offers root canals in Jacksonville Beach.

The Basic Procedure of a Root Canal
A tooth has roots which extend into the bone of the jaw. The nerves are not necessary for a tooth to work it is just for sensitivity. To do a root canal procedure there is a basic outline. A dental professional will go into the irritated or infected root and remove the pulp and nerve inside. Then the inside of the root is cleaned to remove any bacteria. Once that is done, a dentist will fill and seal the tooth to prevent bacteria from entering the roots again. In some cases, a crown is required to cap the tooth to increase its strength and protect it from further damage. After a dentist has finished the root canal, your tooth will feel significantly better.

Do Not Delay or Leave Untreated
You can risk more damage to your mouth if you refuse to see a dentist and leave the tooth untreated. The surrounding tissue of your tooth will become infected and irritated also. In some cases, an abscess can form and can cause severe pain as well the need for extraction of your tooth. Other problems that can occur are swelling in the neck, face and head. A dentist will do an oral examination and X-rays then they can inform you if you need a root canal. It is important you do not delay in getting a root canal procedure done before too much damage is done to your teeth.