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Get a Beautiful Smile from a Cosmetic Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY

Flashing a pearly, white smile makes people feel good. When teeth become damaged or discolored over the years, individuals may feel less inclined to show their smiles. That’s where a Cosmetic dentist in Oyster Bay NY can help out.

Cosmetic dentistry has come far in recent years. Dentists offer a wide range of treatments to help their patients achieve the smile of their dreams. There is a procedure for every patient.

Look Amazing with Veneers

Let’s face it; most people aren’t born with perfect teeth. Even after orthodontics, teeth may still shift out of place down the road. In cases like this, veneers are a great option.

Veneers are thin sheets of tooth-colored porcelain that are permanently cemented to the front side of each tooth. They are often used to correct spacing issues or to repair chipped teeth. Some patients even opt for veneers to make their smile look brilliantly white.

Gain Confidence with Implants

When a person loses a tooth, they often become embarrassed to show off their smile. Many dental clinics, including Locust Valley Dental Group, offer implants as a way to replace missing teeth. They look almost identical to natural teeth.

Implants are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone. The post of the implant then fuses to the bone. The result is a fake tooth that will last a lifetime, with proper care.

Brighter Smile with Tooth Whitening

Patients who simply want to brighten their smile should consider tooth whitening. This simple procedure is done in a single appointment by a Cosmetic Dentist in Oyster Bay NY. It only takes about an hour to whiten a smile by up to 10 shades.

The dentist will paint the patient’s teeth with a specially designed whitening solution. The solution works by lifting stains located deep within the surface of the tooth. It is a pain-free procedure that gives nearly instant results.

Anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their teeth should browse the website to find out more about the latest in cosmetic dentistry. Even if a person isn’t born with great teeth, they can seek dental care to completely transform the appearance of their smile.