Conditions Corrected Through Oral Surgery In Reno, NV

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Dentist

In Nevada, oral surgeons address complex conditions that affect the face, neck, and mouth. Through these procedures, they can provide patients with relief from painful conditions. These conditions could include impacted wisdom teeth, TMJ, and oral cancer. Through Oral Surgery in Reno NV, a local patients could reduce their risks and achieve comfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted wisdom teeth are known to produce significant pain. Since they don’t erupt through the gum line completely, they leave a pocket in the gums into which food and bacteria can accumulate. This leaves the patient at a higher risk of developing an infection. For this reason, the tooth must be removed through surgery. Once the tooth is extracted, the surgeon provides antibiotics and pain medication.

Treating TMJ Through Surgery

TMJ is a disorder in which the jaw may tighten and cause discomfort. In some cases, the jaw may lock up and prevent the patient from opening their mouth completely. Patients with this condition may awaken with jaw pain due to grinding while they sleep. Severe cases will require oral surgery to correct them. The procedure eliminates jaw pain and makes it easier for the patient to chew foods such as red meat.

Correcting Conditions Causing Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is caused by one of two issues. Either the nasal septum is deviated or the jaw is positioned incorrectly. These conditions prevent adequate airflow and reduces the amount of oxygen the patient receives while sleeping. They may awaken feeling sluggish and tired. This condition also leads to severe snoring and could disturb their partner. To correct this condition, the surgery will correct the deviated septum or re-position the jaw.

Treating Oral Cancer and Related Conditions

Surgeons remove cancerous tumors found in the mouth. The process may require them to remove portions of the jaw, face, or neck. This treatment may be followed by chemotherapy.

In Nevada, oral surgeons provide procedures to correct conditions affecting the face, neck, and mouth. These conditions could range between wisdom teeth extractions to more complex treatments for mouth cancer. Patients who need to schedule Oral Surgery in Reno NV should visit  to schedule a consultation.

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