Why an Oral Cancer Screening in Austin TX is so Important

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Dentistry

When many people go to the dentist, they only think of the usual procedures. Teeth cleaning, polishing, and checking for cavities are the most common services provided. However, there is another service that many dentists will provide, but in many cases, a patient has to request it. This is an Oral Cancer Screening in Austin TX.

An oral cancer screening is important because this type of cancer can be easily treated if it is found early enough. In fact, almost 84 percent of all oral cancer cases are able to be detected early by a dentist. When a person requests an Oral Cancer Screening in Austin TX, they will discover that their dentist will use several tools to search for mouth discoloration or sores that may be signs of a problem. They will also fee the tissues in and around the mouth for signs of abnormalities or lumps. If any are found, then they will send off samples to the lab for additional testing.

Some of the main risk factors associated with oral cancer include:

  *    Age -; those over the age of 40 have more of a risk

  *    Human papillomavirus (HPV)

  *    Tobacco use

  *    Prolonged exposure to the sun

  *    An unhealthy diet

  *    Gender -; men are more likely to suffer from oral cancer than women

  *    Heavy use of alcohol

While it has been proven that individuals who are diagnosed with oral cancer have a minimum of one of these risk factors, there are more and more cases of individuals who have no risk factors. This means that even if a person has no risk factors for oral cancer, they may still be at risk and should request an oral cancer screening.

Some of the most common symptoms of oral cancer include:

  *    White or red patches in the mouth

  *    Pain or numbness when biting down

  *    A hard spot or lump in the person’s mouth

  *    Spots that don’t heal or bleed all the time

Keep in mind, oral cancer screening services may not be something a dentist offers. In many situations, a patient will have to request this service. More information about oral cancer screening can be found by contacting the office and speaking with the staff of Stevan A Koprivnik DDS PC.

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