What To Consider When Buying Dental Offices For Sale In Arizona

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Dentist

In Arizona, the search for a dental practice involves patience and motivation. Brokers help new dental professionals find a new practice based on specific factors. The elements determine if the property is the best choice for launching their career. A local broker provides details about Dental Offices For Sale In Arizona for new professionals.

Earning Capacity, Profits, and Losses

All dental practice sellers are required to provide a financial report showing their earning capacity for the last three years. All statements for profits and losses are shared with potential buyers. The prospective buyers review the financial statement and determine if the practice is a great investment or not.

The Total Number of Patients

The total number of patients obtained through the sale is also critical to the sale. Even with a transitional phase, there isn’t a guarantee that the existing patients will stay. However, a higher client based provides the buyer with a higher potential for immediate profits. It is urgent for the prospective buyer to evaluate the patient cases to determine which patients are more likely to continue to visit.

Accepting an Existing Staff

The prospective buyers must also consider if they are willing to take on existing staff. When moving to a new area, the salary for their employees increases or decreases. The salary, benefits, and other incentives required by the staff are vital factors to review. If the salaries place a significant burden on a new dentist, the selected practice isn’t for them.

The Condition of the Property

Inspections are conducted for all properties after the sales contract is signed. The inspection determines if there are any existing electrical, plumbing, or wiring issues. It also determines if repairs are needed before the new owner can open their doors. Properties with excessive issues require the seller to take immediate action. Repairs are often included in negotiations for a more affordable price.

In Arizona, the search for the best practice involves a full assessment of the owner’s success. The practice must show them a steady history of high profits and fewer losses. The earning potential of the practice must show a clear return on their investment. Dental professionals in search of dental offices for sale in Arizona, visit the website right now.

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