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Using Dentists in Anne Arundel To Whiten Teeth

If someone wishes to make their teeth appear whiter, they have several options available to obtain the results they desire. White teeth are looked upon as being healthy while those with stains are not looked upon favorably. Here are some ways someone can get whiter teeth so they can smile proudly at their appearance.

To remove stains from the teeth, most people will try over-the-counter products. While these can give some results, they are actually harmful to the person using them. These products will not only remove stains, but also remove the top layer of enamel on the teeth. This layer protects the nerve endings underneath. If the enamel is worn from using whitening products too often, it cannot be replaced. The person would then suffer from sensitivity in the areas where the enamel was compromised.

A better idea to get white teeth is to see one of the Dentists in Anne Arundel. They would have the appropriate tools to get a whiter smile without doing harm to the enamel layer in the process. Usually a bleaching process is done in the comfort of a dentist’s chair. This type of treatment will show results in just one session. If the teeth are stained badly, several sessions could be done to remove the discoloration from the surfaces of the teeth.

Another way a dentist would whiten teeth is by using composite fillings to cover areas where discoloration is difficult to remove. This is an option that would need to be followed up with new fillings later on as they do tend to deteriorate with age. A crown or veneer could also be put on the location with staining to cover it in its entirety. These cosmetic upgrades are a great way to have healthy looking teeth without doing damage to them in the process.

If someone would like to find one of the best Dentists in Anne Arundel to help with cosmetic whitening, they do not need to look far. Click Here to find out more about a great practice that offers a variety of services pertaining to the teeth. If desired, make an appointment for a consultation with a dentist today.