Understanding How Sleep Dental Care Helps with Quality Sleep

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Cosmetic Dentists

Quality sleep is essential to help relieve physical and mental stress. However, numerous issues cause sleep problems, dental issues being among them. Sleep dentists are specialized in understanding how your dental health interrupts your sleep, then develop an effective treatment plan.

Signs That You Should See a Sleep Dentist

Primarily, your primary caregiver will refer you to a dentist when they diagnose sleeping problems related to your dental health. However, you can seek sleep dental care in Glenview if you notice one or a combination of the following.

Sleep apnea

This is the main reason why people visit sleep dentists. Sleep apnea happens when you cannot breathe properly at night, with up to a few minutes of no breathing. It occurs because of obstruction in the airway when the tissues at the back of the throat collapse.

That causes a reduction in the amount of oxygenated blood reaching the brain, causing you to wake up. It is mainly accompanied by loud snoring and waking up with a dry mouth.

Jaw pain and headaches

This happens a lot because of teeth clenching or grinding, which could also lead to worn-out or cracked teeth.

Sleep Dentistry Measures

Dentists examine your issue and its cause before suggesting a way to manage it.


These are plastic appliances that fit over your upper and lower teeth. It primarily helps prevent teeth clenching and grinding but can also help keep your airway open by pulling the jaw forward.

Tongue depressors

This is often the cause of airway blockages because it tends to fall to the back of your mouth. A tongue depressor helps keep it forward, preventing airway blockages.

Chicago Beautiful Smiles collaborates with Dr. Dennis B. Hartlieb, Dr. William Mopper, and Dr. Christopher K. Ching to provide unmatched sleep dental care in Glenview. Contact them for inquiries and bookings.

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