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Trust Atlantic Dental for Your Oral Health Needs

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a hassle. Finding a qualified dental staff that will answer your questions and make you feel at ease during each appointment is easy when you trust the professionals at Atlantic Dental. When you’re in need of orthodontic dentistry in Toms River, NJ, the staff can fit you for braces, remove your braces or discuss alternative options for straightening your teeth.

The orthodontist will exam your teeth and determine whether your teeth are misaligned, crowded or you have an under or overbite. These dental problems are often genetic, but can be worsened by habits like thumb or finger sucking. This is why it’s best to seek orthodontic treatment as early as possible for your children so they’ll have a better chance at a winning smile in adulthood. There are also braces options for teenagers and adults, but the treatment may be more intricate.

Metal braces are usually the conventional method for straightening teeth and are suitable for younger patients. Older teens and adults may opt for plastic braces that can be removed before eating. These braces are also much more discreet, since people barely notice that you’re wearing them. However, total treatment time may be a little longer.

It’s also important to visit the orthodontist regularly while you’re wearing braces to ensure that your teeth are straightening well and to have your teeth cleaned to prevent decay and cavities.

For more information on orthodontic dentistry in Toms River, NJ, visit the Atlantic Dental website. You’ll learn more about various dental services and can schedule your appointment online.