Tips for Choosing a Clinic that Offers Children Dentistry in Camas, WA

by | Sep 5, 2018 | Dentist

Many kids don’t want to visit the dentist. They may be afraid of the unknown or may have heard bad stories from their friends. No matter the source of their trepidation, fear is not a valid reason to skip dental appointments. Choosing the best clinic for children dentistry in Camas WA may help calm an anxious child.

Get to Know the Dentist

It doesn’t matter how fun and colorful a dental clinic looks if the actual dentist isn’t good with kids. Be sure to personally get to know the dentist before scheduling an appointment for your child. Many clinics offer consultation appointments for this very reason.

A dentist who offers children dentistry in Camas WA should have a calm and gentle demeanor. No matter how difficult a child’s behavior is, the dentist should remain positive and respectful at all times. If your child doesn’t like the dentist, getting them to appointments will always be a struggle.

Take a Tour

Children love visiting places that are designed just for them. Many dental clinics go above and beyond to make children feel welcome. Ask if you can tour the facility before scheduling an appointment for your little one, and if possible, bring your child along for the tour.

Some clinics create a special section in the waiting room just for kids. There may be a few toys or children’s books to keep kids occupied before their appointments. In the actual exam room, look for a clinic that has televisions or music players available to entertain young patients.

Read Reviews

Of course, hearing what current and former patients have to say is always a must. Search online for patient reviews. If the patients seem excited about the dentist, there’s a good chance your child will also have a pleasant experience. Avoid clinics that try to censor reviews from their patients.

Lewis Family Dentistry treats dental patients of all ages. Be sure to take enough time before committing your family to a specific dentist. By doing enough research beforehand, you’ll be able to find a dental clinic that makes every member of your family feel comfortable. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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