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The Dentist in Victorville Will Help Maintain Your Gums After Periodontal Disease

When a patient is diagnosed with periodontal disease, it can cause major damages to their gum tissue and teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing are the easiest and most effective methods of removing plaque. If a person does not brush and floss as often as they should, plaque can quickly turn to tartar. Once a diagnosis has been made, a person’s gums will need to be maintained for life. The Dentist in Victorville can help protect a person’s oral health so they can avoid continued damage and tooth loss.

When a patient comes in for a periodontal disease maintenance appointment, they can expect the following:

  *    The patient will have X-rays taken to ensure the teeth and their roots are healthy and strong. X-rays can also detect cysts, bone loss, tumors, and decay. Patients with periodontal disease will often require more frequent X-rays than those who have healthier teeth and gums.

  *    If a patient has had any restoration work, such as fillings or crowns, the dentist will fully examine the restorative work to ensure it is sound and has not been damaged in any way.

  *    In addition to the services for periodontal disease, the dentist will also perform a thorough oral cancer screening which includes examining the face, neck, lips, tongue, cheeks, gums, and throat for signs of cancer.

  *    After fully examining a patient’s oral cavity, the dentist will offer recommendations for care and special dental tools to help a patient ensure they are properly caring for their smile. There are special periodontal tools that can be used to remove plaque and calculus so they do not cause problems with a person’s oral health.

It is recommended patients see the Dentist in Victorville four times a year for periodontal maintenance. These appointments are essential for helping individuals maintain good oral health and for the prevention of complications from their disease.

If you have periodontal disease and are in need of an appointment with the dentist, contact West Covina Family Dentistry. They will provide you with the extensive dental services you require so your oral health can be protected. Call them today to schedule your periodontal maintenance appointment.