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Teeth Whitening Essentials

If you want to get your pearly whites back, maybe it’s time to put a stop to all those whitening products for your teeth and simply talk to your dentist about more efficient methods of giving you brighter, whiter teeth such as services like teeth whitening in Philadelphia. Here are a few things you’ll want to know before you go ahead with the procedure:

It’s not a complex one
Don’t be alarmed, thinking that this procedure will be long and complicated. It’s a simple procedure and one that can give you faster results than having to use toothpastes and other items that promote teeth whitening. Your dentist will first make sure your teeth are health before going through with the procedure, says the NetDoctor.

Manage your expectations
A good dentist will discuss your expectations and let you know of the benefits of the procedure. Thinking that the procedure will give you ultra-white teeth, though, isn’t accurate. A service like teeth whitening in Philadelphia can only lighten your teeth several shades. That means that results from one person to another might vary, depending on the state of your teeth. That said, rein in your expectations so you won’t end up disappointed.

Only works on real teeth
Keep in mind that this procedure only works on real teeth so don’t try to use it for your dentures. It won’t work on crowns, fillings or veneers as well. If this is a problem for you, ask your dentist for options on how to match the shade of your dentures or crowns to the rest of your teeth after undergoing this procedure.

It’s not permanent
This is only a temporary measure and often lasts for up to three years. However, if your eating and drinking habits remain the same—you love chocolate, drink coffee or tea every day and you smoke, all of which leave your teeth stained—then you’ll lose your pearly whites again in no time.