Scheduling Professional Dental Care in Trumbull CT

by | May 22, 2018 | Dentist

A toothbrush is usually not enough to remove gingival biofilm (plaque on the gums). However, at least deposits on the gingival margin can be removed mechanically. Many people use mouthwash in addition to brushing their teeth. This is considered, by many dentists, as a useful supplement to cleaning, but only if it is a non-alcoholic mouthwash without added antiseptics.

Disinfection kills not only the harmful bacterial strains in the mouth but also meaningful and useful ones that play an essential role in several areas. Routine Dental Care in Trumbull CT is crucial to a person’s oral and overall health.

When biofilm becomes tartar

If the biofilm is not removed on a regular basis, minerals can accumulate from saliva over time, thus, causing tartar. Tartar can no longer be removed with a toothbrush because it is too hard and sticks close to the tooth surface. This is where the dentist can either remove calculus mechanically (with curettes or scalers) or with ultrasound. These steps usually happen as part of a professional Dental Care in Trumbull CT regimen, which is recommended at least once a year and covered by most dental insurance policies.

When it comes to professional teeth cleaning, scaling is an essential element of any dental preventive plan. Preventive dentistry is performed either by a dentist or by a suitably trained specialist. Both visible and obscured surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, usually with the help of various tools. After a dental cleaning, the thoroughly cleaned teeth are then sealed with a fluoride varnish.

Professional tooth cleaning is not always pleasant

Professional teeth cleaning is an integral part of preventing things like periodontitis and tooth decay and is generally painless for the patient. However, in the case of hardened tartar, unpleasant sensations can occur – especially if a scaler or curette is used. Because the dentist exerts pressure on the tooth surfaces with a metallic object, the process can be painful (especially near the gum). This is especially true if the gums have retracted due to inflammation or injury and its sensitive necks are exposed. These areas are surrounded by a thin layer of protection and, therefore, can experience stimuli much faster and more intensively. Get more information here.

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