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A Review Of Tooth Extractions In Effingham, IL

A review of tooth extractions in O’Fallon MO, dentists provide standard and surgical tooth extractions based on the patient’s requirements. These processes are performed when the tooth is no longer viable, cannot be repaired, or is causing significant pain for the patient. The following is a review of tooth extractions in O’Fallon MO provided by a local dentist.

Assessing the Tooth for an Infection

The first step is to determine if the tooth is infected. Dentists cannot extract a tooth that has an existing infection. This could present a serious health risk for the patient. If the infection isn’t addressed properly, it could travel into the bloodstream. This could present a possible life-threatening condition in some cases. The dentist will provide the correct antibiotic required for the type of infection that exists.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth can also present serious risks for patients. If the tooth becomes impacted, bacteria and food can become wedged in a gum flap created by the tooth. This condition can also lead to a serious infection that may need to be addressed promptly. Typically, these infections cause the swelling of the gums and face. The dentist may perform surgery to remove the tooth after the infection is gone.

Standard Tooth Extractions

A standard tooth extraction requires the dentist to use a numbing agent to deaden the nerves of the mouth in the affected area. The dentist will use specialized tools to loosen the tooth from the jawbone and gum line. This makes it easier to remove the tooth without damage.

After-Care Requirements After Extractions

In most cases, the dentist will provide a painkiller to manage pain after an extraction. They also provide antibiotic to reduce the probability of an infection. They will provide the patient with adequate volumes of gauze to control the bleeding and to prevent a dry socket.

In O’Fallon, dentists offer a variety of tooth extractions based on the patient’s circumstances. This could include wisdom teeth, damaged teeth, or teeth that were treated with a crown and are no longer viable. Patients who need to acquire Tooth Extractions in O’Fallon MO can click here for more information about services or to schedule an appointment.