Resolving Underlying Dental Issues Before Cosmetic Dentistry Services in O’Fallon, MO

by | Mar 13, 2019 | Dentist

People are seeking cosmetic dental care more than ever before. They want their teeth to be as white as possible and the shape of the teeth to be consistent. Problems with oral health must be resolved before Cosmetic Dentistry Services in O’Fallon MO can take place.

Tooth Decay

For example, if tooth decay is present, that must be drilled away and the hole filled before teeth whitening is done. In addition, if the patient has not had professional teeth cleaning done in more than six months, this also must be completed first. Sometimes, the cleaning process lightens the teeth significantly so that less bleaching is necessary.

If a tooth must be extracted, dentists generally encourage patients to have it replaced with a dental implant instead of a bridge. Patients may be tempted to ignore the empty space if one of the back molars was extracted, but an implant maintains the jawbone through stimulation when chewing. Men and women who are developing tooth decay to the extent that the teeth must be pulled should be provided with guidance on better oral hygiene.

Misaligned Teeth and Abnormal Bite

If the patient would like to have porcelain veneers applied to hide abnormalities in the front teeth, alignment may be necessary first. Otherwise, the porcelain might break if it repeatedly presses against other teeth or if the top and bottom front teeth click together. Clear, removable devices can solve many alignment and bite issues as long as the patient keeps them in the mouth nearly all the time while treatment is ongoing. These aligners are also considered part of cosmetic dentistry services in O’Fallon MO.

Insurance Considerations

Dental insurance typically does not pay for cosmetic treatment unless the adjusters are convinced the procedure is necessary. Insurance may pay for some of the cost of alignment if the problem is more than a cosmetic issue, but this is uncommon. Some dental coverage also pays for a percentage of the cost of dental implants. Dentists are lobbying for insurance companies to provide more coverage for this treatment since it has important advantages for jawbone integrity. Visit new age dental care to learn about available services.

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