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How To Remove Dentures in Lusby, MD

While dentures are a popular way to replace teeth that have become diseased or damaged, they do require more care than natural teeth and must be taken out on a daily basis. Here is the best way to remove dentures in Lusby MD and keep them lasting for a long time to come.


First, fill the bathroom sink with warm water and place a rolled towel along the edge of the bathroom counter. This is done so that, in the event the dentures are accidentally dropped or fall from the mouth of the wearer, they do not break or crack. To this end, there should also be a soft rug below the wearer as they remove their dentures.

Physical Removal

The wearer should then gargle with warm water. The water helps to loosen the sealant used to affixe the dentures to the mouth of the wearer. The bottom denture should be removed first. This is done by placing the thumb and middle finger on the middle of the bottom teeth and gently rocking the denture back and forth. Move them slowly so as to avoid irritating the gums. Once the denture is loosened, it can be lifted up and outwards from the mouth.

Next, the top denture is removed. This is done in the same manner the bottom denture was removed, but even more caution must be taken as there is a bigger plane the denture sits on.


Place the dentures in Lusby MD in a glass of clean water. Add whatever denture cleaner the dentist has recommended. While some people prefer the many “quick-soak” cleaning products on the market, most dental experts recommend an overnight soak to kill all of the bacteria that dwell within the dentures.


In the morning, brush them with toothpaste made for dentures. The dentures will also need to be flossed just as natural teeth are. After this, they are ready to be placed back in the mouth.

Browse us for more information about dentures and how to care for them. A friendly staff member will be more than happy to answer any questions a wearer may have.