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by | Feb 16, 2018 | Dentist

A dental abscess is one of many types of bacterial infections. There are two types: the first deals with the gums and the second deals with the necrosis of the tooth’s nerve. No matter which one is bothering you, it is important to seek the help of Dentists in Annapolis.

aGingival abscess

This is an infection that occurs in the gum. Pus escapes around the gumline, and the cause may be a piece of tartar or a food particle lodged between the tooth and the gum (like a popcorn grain). The treatment is very simple-;just clean the gums.

Periapical abscess

This is the classic form of a dental abscess. Generally, the infection is lodged inside the bone and gives the impression of having swallowed a golf ball. It occurs when the nerve of the tooth dies. Most of the time, the pus cannot come out through the decay hole (which often causes swelling).

The pus will then exit through the end of the root called the “apex” (hence the name peri which means around and apical which is the name of the end of the root). The way to treat a periapical abscess is with a root canal or extraction. Antibiotics must be given to kill bacteria before treatment can begin.

How to recognize a dental abscess?

There is usually pain and swelling. If one is paying attention to their symptoms, they will possibly see yellow or green pus flow from the gum-line. For a periapical abscess, the involved tooth will be painful when struck and will appear higher than other teeth.

If the tooth wakes a person up at night, it is very likely that they have a dental abscess. Sufferers can also feel some heat in this area. The abscess may be accompanied by fever and swollen lymph nodes. Naturally, an appointment with Dentists in Annapolis will confirm the problem with a dental X-ray.

Without treatment, what are the consequences of a dental abscess?

A dental abscess cannot heal itself. It may be less painful after a few weeks because the pus will find a way to flow into the mouth. As long as the abscess is not treated, the body will need to use its natural defenses to fight this infection. Over time, the tooth abscess can turn into a cyst. Contact Annapolis Dental Associates for more details.

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