Reasons to Consult Your Dentist If You Have Relentless Sinusitis

by | May 20, 2022 | Dental

Do you suffer recurring sinusitis that sinus treatment is not solving? Maybe you get treatment for sinus issues when the cause is bacteria festering in a tooth. Sinuses are close to the teeth. The proximity to each other can cause the spread of infection from the sinuses to the teeth or vice versa. Make a relentless sinusitis visit to your dentist in Naperville. The reasons below demonstrate the benefits of consulting a dentist if you suffer recurrent sinusitis.

Advanced Diagnosis Skills

A dental practice that has operated for years has hi-tech equipment that uses the latest diagnostic technology. Technology is essential in diagnosing sinuses in the largest sinuses closest to back teeth, called maxillary sinuses. Tooth infections causing Maxillary Sinusitis of Endodontic Origin (MSEO) are tricky to diagnose because they do not cause pain when biting, temperature sensitivity or bone breakdown on x-ray.

Experienced dental practitioners have endodontists who specialize in infections inside the teeth. Endodontist uses their specialist skills and advanced technology like 3-D CBCT scans to examine the sinus and teeth. Their approach accurately diagnoses if you suffer from MSEO and the infected tooth.

Sinusitis Targeting Treatment

A dental practice with skilled endodontists locates the source of tooth infection that is infecting sinuses. They use dentistry treatment options like root canal therapy to remove the infected tissue. The process ends with filling the empty spaces to prevent future infection. An advantage of a root canal is that it removes the infected tissue to eliminate the source of infection and still preserves the tooth.

Quality Aftercare

Relentless sinusitis visits to your dentist in Naperville does not end with treatment. An experienced dental practice will provide the necessary aftercare until you heal. They will also check the status in subsequent checkups.

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