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Reasons to Seek Out Emergency Dentistry in Gainesville

A dental emergency needs to be treated right away. When a patient is experiencing severe tooth pain or sudden mouth trauma, it’s time to seek out a clinic that provides emergency dentistry Charleston SC. There are many different instances in which emergency care is warranted.

Constant Toothache

Most people will experience a toothache at some point in their life. However, only a small percentage of toothaches are actually dental emergencies. Certain symptoms warrant finding a doctor that offers Emergency Dentistry Charleston SC.

In normal instances, simple toothaches only last a short period of time. When a toothache is constant, the patient should be examined by a dentist right away. This is also true if the pain becomes so unbearable that it wakes a person from a sound sleep.

Tooth infections usually cause pain when the tooth is exposed to cold beverages. This is often the result of deep decay or an exposed nerve.

Emergency toothaches may also get worse when the tooth is exposed to hot substances. This is a sign that the nerve is dying, and the tooth is highly infected. Treatment is required to stop the infection and save the tooth.

Mouth Trauma

Oral injuries are very common. If a patient experiences mouth trauma, they should visit a medical professional as soon as possible. An emergency dentist is needed if the patient loses or breaks one of their teeth.

If a tooth is broken, the dentist will make sure the root and nerve of the tooth are unaffected. It may be necessary to cover the tooth with a crown to prevent more damage. In some instances, a broken tooth may need to be extracted.

If an injury results in tooth loss, dentists recommend bringing the knocked out tooth to the appointment. In some cases, the tooth can be reinserted into the patient’s mouth. Other times, the dentist may suggest replacing the missing tooth with an implant.

Constant, throbbing toothaches and sudden mouth trauma are two common reasons to visit an emergency dentist. However, a patient should seek out treatment anytime they are concerned about their oral well-being. Getting treatment early may be the difference between saving a tooth or needing an extraction. Schedule an appointment with Tatum Dentistry today!!