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All About Periodontists, Book an Appointment in Chicago

If you have concerns relating to gum diseases or other bone and tissue disease, then it’s worthwhile to see a periodontist. Apart from gum disease, periodontists specialize in procedures such as root planning, oral surgery, and bone grafting amongst others. They can assist in developing a plan that takes care of your teeth and gums.

Periodontist vs. Dentist

Most patients see dentists every six months for regular cleaning. Dentists identify cavities and other conditions through X-rays. If you happen to have another condition, you may be referred to a specialist, specifically a periodontist.

The difference between a dentist and periodontist are mainly illustrated by their treatment methods of illnesses such as gum disease. Most dentists can treat mild forms of gum disease. However, if the gum disease is more complicated, then the dentist would refer the patient to a periodontist for a thorough assessment and treatment plan.

Periodontal Screening

You are likely to undergo periodontal screening with a specialist in Chicago. This is an examination that helps periodontist’s to determine the texture and appearance of your gum tissues. The first time you see a periodontist, you should expect a thorough evaluation of your gums and oral health. They may initially ask you a series of questions relating to your overall health, medical history, and family history.

Most of the time gum disease is linked to other medical conditions such as diabetes and respiratory problems.

They then probe your gums and schedule X-rays as well. After the periodontist has investigated your oral health, they then determine the level of treatment you require. The treatment process might not be a one-off procedure and might require you to schedule periodic appointments to help you keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest.

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