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What A Patient Can Expect During An Implant Installation At A Dental Clinic In St Peter MN

A person’s smile can make or break a first impression, and one of the most significant issues that can lead to an unkempt appearance is a missing tooth. In the past, there were few options available that could restore a person’s smile and correct the visual issues that stem from a missing tooth, in addition to the pain and discomfort that can be caused when biting or chewing. Fortunately, an advanced Dental Clinic in St Peter MN can install a dental implant and give anyone a beautiful smile.

Phase One

The first step is to prepare the gum for the installation of the implant by removing any existing tooth fragments and the entire root system of the missing tooth. A doctor at a Dental Clinic in St Peter MN will numb the area and then use a drill to ensure that there are no remaining elements that can prevent the implant from being securely attached to the jaw bone This is typically the most painful part of the process and can take up to one hour to complete.

Phase Two

After the gum has been prepared, the dentist will then surgically insert a metal post that will serve as the root for the crown. The post will be attached to the jaw bone, and then the doctor will utilize stitches to close up the gum. Most implants can take up to three months to successfully integrate into the jaw bone, and the tooth itself cannot be placed on the post until it has fully fused into the existing bone. Phase Three

The last phase takes place three months after the post has been installed. The dentist will inspect the post to make sure that it has adequately fused with the bone and that the gum has healed. They will then position the crown on the post and secure it in place using an oral concrete material, which provides a natural look and will allow the patient to chew normally.

No one has to live with the embarrassment associated with a missing tooth any longer. The team at Business Name is a full-service clinic that can help anyone keep their smile in the best shape possible. Visit our website to learn more and take the first step in getting a radiant smile that will make a stunning first impression.