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Parents: Understand the Importance of Kids Dentistry in Vancouver WA

Dental care is important at any age, but especially during childhood. When a child sees the dentist as often as recommended, their smile health will be protected. Parents need to understand the sheer importance of Kids Dentistry in Vancouver WA.

Understanding the Importance of Kid’s Dental Care

Because children are still growing, their teeth and gums need Kids Dentistry in Vancouver WA. Without proper dental care, children can begin to experience dental caries in their baby teeth which can eventually cause their adult teeth to become damaged as well.

Children need to see the dentist a couple of times a year for the best results. When children see the dentist often, their teeth are cleaned of any plaque and tartar that could lead to decay. The dentist also performs a thorough examination and takes X-rays once a year to determine the child’s oral health status and their development.

When children see the dentist as often as they should, their oral health is carefully monitored. The dentist is able to discover minor problems before they even begin to cause outward signs. When oral health concerns are found in their earliest stages, they are better treated and permanent damage is less likely to occur.

What to Expect

Children can be a little apprehensive when they first come to the dentist. It is important children begin seeing the dentist around their first birthday so they will grow up seeking dental care without fear. Parents can get involved by encouraging their child to enjoy the dental visit.

The cleaning will take place first and the dental hygienist will take X-rays of the child’s smile. These X-rays, coupled with the examination, allow the dentist to ensure the child’s smile is healthy and their development is normal.

If your child is in need of dental care, contact Lewis Family Dentistry today. They will be happy to schedule your child’s appointment to ensure their smile health is protected at all times. They are the dental experts you can rely on for the full treatment of all of your child’s oral health needs. Call today to get started right away. You can also connect them on Facebook.